Short supply chain


Short supply chain



The Oil Mill de Ruvo Giuseppe is located in Molfetta, a seaside town, north of Bari, in the heart of Apulia. Hectares of land, from our farm, worked according to the knowledge of the past, together with innovative cultivation techniques in harmony with the ecosystem and respect for the environment. A perfect pruning, performed by expert olive growers, a mild climate and the right amount of rain, guarantee a good olive production.

Olive harvest

The harvest of olives, from centuries-old plants of the Ogliarola of Bari and Coratina varieties, takes place at perfect ripeness, by hand picking on sheets or modern shakers that guarantee the integrity of the fruit and the plant. Our freshly picked olives are immediately transported to the Oil Mill de Ruvo Giuseppe to be pressed after a few hours and to ensure a high content of polyphenols and an excellent taste.

Olive milling

A last generation of a CONTINUOUS MIXED CYCLE system is used for the olive oil production, where alongside the technology we still find the traditional granite millstones, the only ones capable of performing a soft pressing that ensures a balanced oil.

Centrifugation and extraction

The Oil Mill de Ruvo Giuseppe, continuously improving, has never lost of the values of tradition. The old presses with filtering disks have been replaced by modern steel centrifuges, which avoid oxidation and guarantee a fast process and optimal hygienic conditions. The oil is extracted at a temperature not exceeding 27 ° C, that’s why the term “Cold Extraction”. This allows to keep the nutritional and physical qualities of the oil unaltered, increasing the benefits and the flavor.


In order for this noble product to preserve the best organoleptic qualities, it is stored in underground tanks or in large steel silos. Finally, it is bottled on request in the various formats proposed to guarantee a genuine and fragrant product.